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Difference Between Closed Loop Stepping Motor and Servo Motor

View: 340611/04/2020  

When the stepper motor is equipped with encoder closed-loop control, in a broad sense, there is no big difference between closed-loop stepper motor and a servo motor.

However, to distinguish the difference between nema 23 closed loop stepper motor and a servo motor in detail, you need to understand the difference between the servo motor and stepping motor.

The closed-loop stepper motor is added with a high-precision encoder on the stepper motor. The servo control algorithm is used to realize the control of torque loop, speed loop, and position loop. Check what is the closed-loop stepper motor.

The following is a comparison of the product performance between the nema 23 closed loop stepper motor and the servo motor. The main differences are as follows:

nema 23 closed loop stepper motor

1. Speed

After adding closed-loop control, the stepper motor can achieve high-speed operation, and the speed is almost comparable to the servo motor, but it also retains the low-speed characteristics of the traditional stepper motor. The servo motor can perform at high speed, and there will be overshoot when the high speed changes to low speed or static.

2. Moment frequency characteristics

The faster the speed of the closed-loop stepper motor is, the smaller the torque is, and the torque of the servo motor is constant within the rated speed.

3. Overload capacity

The closed-loop stepper motor has a small amplitude (such as 1.5 times) short-term overload output capacity, which improves the dynamic response-ability of the stepper motor. Servo motor is usually 3 times overload.

4. Debugging difficulty

The debugging and use of nema 23 closed loop stepper motor are very simple, only need to adjust the position of several potentiometers of the driver. The servo motor has hundreds of parameters, and the debugging is complex, which often needs experienced engineers.

5. Noise, heat, and vibration

When the application environment of nema 23 closed loop stepper motor and servo motor is not very strict, the noise, heat, and vibration are almost the same, but the servo motor is still slightly better.

6. Working mode

The working modes of the closed-loop stepper motor include position mode and speed mode (the integrated stepping motor supports multiple remote regression modes), and the servo motor supports the position mode, speed mode, and torque mode.

7. Accuracy

The precision of the closed-loop stepper motor increases a lot after the closed-loop control, but it is still lower than that of the servo motor.

8. Cost price

The closed-loop stepper motor has advantages in cost performance. In order to achieve the same function, the price of the servo motor is higher than that of closed-loop stepper motor with the same power. The high response, high-speed and high-precision advantages of servo motor determine the high price of products, which is inevitable.

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