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Advantages of NEMA 23 Closed Loop Stepper Motor

View: 118011/09/2020  

What is nema 23 closed loop stepper motor

1. The phase relationship between the exciting flux and the current is consistent, so as to produce the electromagnetic torque which can drive the load torque. This control method of motor current is the same as that of Brushless DC motor, which is called brushless drive mode or current closed-loop control method.   

2. The method of controlling the phase angle of magnetizing flux and current is called the power angle closed-loop control method. The power angle is the phase angle formed by the mutual attraction between the rotor pole and the stator exciting phase (or the stator rotating magnetic field axis of the synchronous motor can also be considered). This power angle is smaller at low speed or light load, and larger at high speed or high load.

Advantages of nema 23 closed loop stepper motor

1. With the increase of the output torque, the speed of both of them decreases in nonlinear form, but the closed-loop control improves the torque frequency characteristics.   

2. Under the closed-loop control, the output power/torque curve is improved. The reason is that under the closed-loop control, the motor excitation conversion is based on the rotor position information, and the current value is determined by the motor load. Therefore, the current can be fully converted into torque even in the low-speed range.   

3. Under the closed-loop control, the efficiency torque curve is improved.   

4. Using closed-loop control, we can get a higher running speed, more stable, and smoother speed than open-loop control.

5. By using closed-loop control, the stepping motor can be accelerated and decelerated automatically and effectively.   

6. The quantitative evaluation of the improvement of the rapidity of closed-loop control relative to open-loop control can be made by comparing the time of passing through a certain path in the IV steps.

7. With the application of nema 23 closed loop stepper motor, the efficiency can be increased to 7.8 times, the output power can be increased to 3.3 times, and the speed can be increased to 3.6 times. The performance of the nema 23 closed loop stepper motor drive is better than that of the open-loop drive in all aspects. The closed-loop drive of stepping motor has the advantages of an open-loop drive of stepping motor and brushless DC servo motor. Therefore, in the position control system with high reliability, the step motor with closed-loop control will be widely used.

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