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What is a nema 34 stepper motor driver

View: 194106/22/2022  

The step motor driver is a power amplifier which drives the step motor and can receive the control signal from the controller to control the step number/angle of the step motor. The pulse signal is our most common control signal, if you want to control the step motor to run a step requires nema 34 stepper motor driver if received an effective pulse. 34 stepper motor driver has subdivision function which can change the inherent step angle of stepper motor to achieve greater control accuracy, increase output torque and reduce vibration; in addition to pulse signal, the nema 34 stepper motor driver with bus communication function can also receive the bus signal and control the step motor to complete the corresponding action.

nema 34 stepper motor driver

2,nema 34 stepper motor driver settings and wiring
There are already a lot of step drivers in the market, but each manufacturer's driver includes a similar interface, terminal power, signal, motor, etc Dial switch and output current with subdivision drive setting.
34 stepper motor driver characteristics
1. Has 8 output current settings, current range 1.5-4.5 A
2. Internal optical isolation with a maximum frequency response of 200 khz
Low noise, low vibration and low temperature rise
4. has a 14-step subdivision setting
5. Suitable for NEMA 23, NEMA 34 stepper motor current in 4.5 A below
6. Automatic semi-current, motor wire connection fault, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current protection
Seven. 2phase NEMA 34 step R driver, using bipolar constant current chopper technology
Voltage 24-50VDC
That's all for today's nema 34 stepper motor driver. If you need more information, please contact us.

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