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Structure and working principle of NEMA 23hybrid stepper motor

View: 211107/07/2022  

What are the structure and working principles of the NEMA 23hybrid Stepper Motor? Today I'm going to talk about the NEMA 23hybrid stepper motor.


Structure of NEMA 23hybrid Stepper Motor:

From non-magnetic front cover 1, front bearing 2, non-magnetic rotating shaft 3, first rotor 4, permanent magnet 5, second rotor 6, rear bearing 7, stator excitation winding 8, stator 9, non-magnetic rear cover 10, screw 11 compositions.


The first rotor 4 and the second rotor 6 are made of silicon steel laminate, 50 small teeth are evenly distributed on the rotor, and the small teeth on the two rotors are staggered by 1/2 tooth spacing.


Stator 9 is made of silicon steel laminate, eight stator magnetic poles are evenly distributed, a certain number of stator teeth are evenly distributed on each stator magnetic pole, and stator tooth pitch and rotor tooth pitch are the same.


A stator excitation winding 8 is arranged in the slot between the stator magnetic poles, and a starting winding is randomly selected, the clockwise direction of the eight stator excitation windings are as follows: a-phase winding 12, b-phase winding 13,-a-phase winding 14,-b-phase winding 15, a-phase winding 16, b-phase winding 17,-a-phase winding 18,-b-phase winding 19, a-phase winding and-a-phase winding in reverse series, b-phase winding and-b-phase winding in reverse series.


NEMA 23hybrid Stepper Motor

The permanent magnet 5 is placed in the middle of the two-section rotors, the surface of the permanent magnet is close to the surface of the two-section rotors, and the permanent magnet is magnetized in a direction parallel to the axis of the rotation. The stator is fixed with the front and rear end caps by screws.


The two-section rotor, the permanent magnet, and the rotating shaft are fixed together and installed with the front and rear end caps through the front and rear end bearings, so that the rotor and the rotating shaft can rotate relative to the stator and the end caps.


How the NEMA 23hybrid Stepper Motor Works:

When the two-phase windings of the stator are energized in the order of A-B-A (- a)(- B), the magnetic flux Φ1 passes through the first rotor core air gap stator core air gap second rotor core permanent magnet to form a closed loop. The motor works in a mixed excitation state, the rotor and the rotating shaft rotate relative to the stator and the end cover to realize the motor rotation.


Dewo is a professional mechatronics engineering supplier, providing customers with excellent after-sales service. If you have any questions about the NEMA 23hybrid stepper motor, Feel Free to contact us.

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