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Application of 48v Brushless DC Motor

View: 140811/24/2020  

48V brushless DC motor has the characteristics of simple structure, high output, and high efficiency. With the development and application of motor technology, power electronics technology, digital control technology, control theory, and sensor technology, the general control technology of Brushless DC motor has become more and more mature, and the relevant manufacturing process and general technology are standardized, and a series of standards such as gjb1983-1984 and GB / t21418-2008 have been formed, The motor optimization design, energy-saving drive, torque ripple suppression, sensorless control, flux weakening speed regulation and other technical problems have been well studied and solved.

Brushless motor in life is still a lot of applications, but you did not see, or you saw but did not recognize it

1. 48V Brushless DC motor for an automobile

The interior of a car usually includes dozens to hundreds of motors. With the rapid development of energy-saving and environmental protection, the 48V brushless DC motor has a good application prospect in automobiles. In addition to being the core component of automobile drivers, the motor can also be used in automobile air conditioning, wiper, electric door, airbag, electric seat, and so on. At the same time, 48V brushless DC motor has been widely used in pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and other drives.

48V Brushless DC motor for an automobile

2. 48V Brushless DC motor for aerospace

Typical applications include manipulator control, gyroscope, and steering gear drive, etc. generally, the crew is required to have good high-speed control accuracy and dynamic response-ability, so the corresponding systems are controlled by closed-loop speed feedback, and most of them adopt advanced control algorithm.

48V Brushless DC motor for aerospace

3. Application in household appliances

The rise of frequency conversion air conditioning makes the market share of Brushless DC motor in air conditioning drive gradually increased. In order to save the cost and improve the stability of the control system of variable frequency air-conditioning compressor, the position sensorless control mode should be adopted in the air-conditioning compressor. It has been proved that the system volume is reduced and the system efficiency is improved by using the sensorless control. Disk brushless DC motor (single stator or double stator structure) is also widely used in spindle drives of household appliances such as CDs, DVDs, etc.

At the same time, other household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, blenders, hairdryers, cameras, and household electric fans are gradually using 48V brushless DC motors to replace the previously used DC motors, single-phase asynchronous motors, and variable voltage variable frequency (VWVF) driven asynchronous motors.

48v brushless dc motor in household appliances

4. Application in the field of office automation

Most of the motors for computer peripheral equipment and office automation equipment are high-grade precision motors combined with advanced manufacturing technology and emerging microelectronics technology, which are technology-intensive products. 48V Brushless DC motor has been widely used in the drive of a spindle motor for the hard disk drive, optical disk drive, and floppy disk drive, as well as in the drive of office equipment such as digital camera, laser printer, copier, fax machine, tape recorder, LD disc player and shredder.

5. Application in other industries

At present, 48V brushless DC motor accounts for a large proportion in civil and military applications such as robot and manipulator drive.

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