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What is the difference between stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor

View: 149511/18/2021  

Both stepper motors and hybrid servo stepper motors are important control components in industrial drive control and have a wide range of applications. But what are the differences between stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor?

hybrid servo stepper motor

Only if you understand the differences between stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor, you can accurately determine whether to use stepper motor or hybrid servo stepper motor.

Let's first look at the concept of stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor.

Hybrid servo stepper motor can make control speed, position accuracy is very accurate, you can convert the voltage signal into torque and speed to drive the control object.

1, stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor control accuracy is different. Two-phase hybrid stepper motor step angle is generally 1.8 °, three-phase hybrid stepper motor step angle of 1.2 °. There are some high performance stepper motors with smaller step angles.

The control accuracy of the hybrid servo stepper motor is guaranteed by the rotary encoder at the rear of the motor shaft. For a hybrid servo stepper motor with a standard 2500 line encoder, the pulse equivalent is 360°/10000 = 0.036° due to the quadruple frequency technology used inside the drive.

For the vast majority of users, whether mechanical drive accuracy, or photoelectric sensor to position accuracy, are not as high as the physical accuracy of the stepper motor servo motor, the unilateral pursuit of the highest accuracy of the motor is not necessary.

2, stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor torque frequency characteristics are different.

Stepper motor output torque decreases with the increase in speed, and will drop sharply at higher speeds, so its maximum operating speed is generally 0 ~ 900RPM. hybrid servo stepper motor for constant torque output, that is, within its rated speed (generally 1000 ~ 3000RPM), are able to output rated torque.

Nema23 57HM 2 phase 0.9° hybrid stepper motor

3, stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor have different overload capacity.

4, stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor operating performance is different. Stepper motor control is open-loop control, too high a starting frequency or too large a load is easy to lose steps or blocking the phenomenon, stopping the speed is too high and easy to overshoot the phenomenon, so to ensure its control accuracy, should deal with the problem of speed up and down.

5, hybrid servo stepper motor drive system for closed-loop control, the driver can directly sample the motor encoder feedback signal, the internal position and speed loop, generally will not appear in the stepper motor step loss or overshoot phenomenon, the control performance is more reliable. Servo motor is a closed-loop system, the servo drive can automatically correct the lost pulse, in the case of blocked rotation can also be timely feedback to the controller, while the stepper motor is an open-loop system, must be sufficient torque margin to avoid blocked rotation.

6, stepper motor and hybrid servo stepper motor speed response performance is different.

7, stepper motor from standstill acceleration to working speed takes 100 to 2000 milliseconds. hybrid servo stepper motor system has better acceleration performance, from standstill acceleration to its rated speed of 3000RPM in just a few milliseconds, which can be used for control applications requiring fast start/stop.

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